Hugh Miller Photography ruined my friends wedding photos

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Please Brides Beware: This is a very sad story and you must be careful not to hire this photographer. I was a guest at my friends wedding this year and it was such a beautiful and elegant wedding, held in one of the most prestigious places in UK. I am writing on behalf of them because I am so shocked and angry myself. I know they have written their reviews but I thought I must add my own.

They told me they found this photographer on SWPP and he said he specialized in wedding photography and was highly professional.

When I first met him, I was instantly annoyed as he was chewing gum, with half his shirt hanging out. It's like he didn't care and he was just there for the money. During the day I then asked the Bride if she had noticed if the photographer had been drinking because several of the guests had accused him of being intoxicated and we told the Bride that in our opinion we believed he was.

When I met the newly weds after the honeymoon, I was so excited to see there photographs, until I found out they were extremely upset and I had never seen a bride cry so much. She had told me her photographer had missed out on so much at their wedding. He did not take any of her and her father......How could you FORGET "Father and the Bride", especially when there together most of the morning leading up to the wedding. I noticed he took photos of the bride and her parents down the aisle of their backs and no photos of father congratulating the bride. I also noticed things that the couple was not aware of........there were no photos of ME!! There were less than 40 guests, how could you not take at least one of me. There is literally non. The only thing I noticed that was positive was how he captured the favors on the table and the ceremony table. Apart from that it was a true disappointment as he couldn't even edit or crop the photos properly.

He basically didn't take hardly any photos of the bridal families including the groom and his parents, bridal group with bridesmaids or groom with groomsmen. I read in his contract he would edit everything and he didn't edit one shot.

The bride explained, or shall I say cried in despair to me that she invited Hugh Miller to her house to discuss all the problems with the photos over a cup of tea and wedding sweets and he practically refused to help them. He said he thought he did a great job. How can you do a great job by forgetting the essentials. Later the Bride told me she asked for compensation because of these issues and I read the responses he sent to the couple. I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT HE WROTE: He explained he would never give them any compensation because he thinks they just want money and he believes nothing was missing from the photographs. He had also threatened the bride with legal action because she believed that he was intoxicated and he also ridiculed the couple because they wanted compensation.

What's so upsetting now, my friends received their wedding video and it's amazing except guess what Hugh Miller is constantly in the way. All you see his us backside and camera constantly in the camera and the videographer has apologized and explained that he was extremely frustrated with how Hugh Miller was extremely unprofessional and was just in the way all the time and tried everything to edit as much as he could.

Hugh Miller must be completely blind to the fact that this couple has money and they had one of the most amazing weddings I have ever been too. The saddest thing is that I feel, this so called professional would not even offer to resolve the issues with a wedding album or even trying to photoshop to create something for the couple. This so called professional was offered a dream job because he was taking pictures in one of the most presitigious places that any photographer would dream of which he has never got the opportunity to do and he just used this couple as a stepping stone while treating them like dirt.

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for what it's worth, Hugh did a great job of photographing my wedding.Reading the negative reviews on here, the style of the writing is fairly similar, as if they were all written by the same person, or at least all about the same wedding.

Maybe the reviewer has a grudge or something, who knows?I can only judge by my wedding pics, which are all fantastic


Can I please check that this is the same Hugh Miller - from this website? Thanks


I am not a member of this site but wanted to post comment.this guy did my wedding 2yrs ago and did a fantastic job!......

i told him when i wanted 'formal' photos and that the rest was up to him....... I was really suprised by how well he captured our wedding. To be honest, the ones I didn't like were the obligatory 'formal/traditional' ones where you had to pose...... but I requested them and he delivered.

I can't blame him for that.

I just generally don't like fake poses.The rest were great.

Just wanted to share a different view.


i can so relate to that :( my wedding photographer double booked on my wedding day and sent a loser to cover my actual wedding!the loser didnt have a proper camera and the pictures are HORRIBLE they look like a 2 yr old took them they're over exposed everyone looks horrible including me (the bride) and there are NO pictured of me and the GROOM!

he did take them apparently he lost them or something there are no pictures of me with any of my family or any other imp person its there are TWO pictures of me walking towards the groom TWO and both horrible i cried for a month still not over it first anniversary is in a month.:(


He is very careless.He thinks he is good but he really isn't.

I looked at my engagement photos and thought how average they look.Even my 10 year old niece can take better photographs.

If you want a average and amateur wedding photographer, pick him and you will be disappointed.


Wish I would have seen this before he runied my wedding photos as well.Now I can never get this special day back.

It is one day that can never be replaced.:sigh


Please couples, do not hire this photographer. You will be disappointed with most of your photos.


Thank you for writing the review Apennell. I am grateful to you. I am devastated with some of my wedding photos as I got married in a the most presitgious place and I had hired Hugh thinking he would make my photos amazing as this would be a lifetime opportunity for him or any photographer. I was so wrong.

I loved a few of me and my husband as they were gorgeous and the photos of the tables, my dress and flowers, but what upset me was the traditional photos that are protocol to weddings, like father and the bride, which were missing. Groom and parents, bridesmaids with bride, mother of bride, brother of bride, groomsmen and groom were all missing.

When you have a good look at mine, some are uncropped, unedited and very slightly blurry. Some photos CUT OUT half my mother, father, family and guests that is easy to center in the image while taking the photo. He is just so careless in some areas. What made me so angry was that he never apologised or tried to resolve these issues even though he knew he made them! He told me, he took great photos and nothing was missing or wrong with them. If I wanted them edited even though in his contract it says all images are edited, he would charge me 150pounds an hour hahaha. No photographer EVER charges that much. I gave him ample opportunity to fix it or compensate. I would have had respect for him if he tried or apologised, but because he didn't, it made me take matters further. I contacted several lawyers, who said I had a strong case and I should go to small claims court. I decided not to because ClairematthewUK is right, a wedding is a blessing and should not be stressful after, but I have made sure everyone knows to not hire him and of course they have made sure everyone they know, does not hire him.

They saw his photos and they were shocked by alot of them and they felt so angry with the way he treated us. Which wedding photographer treats a customer the way he did to us? NO ONE. No professional would ever treat a customer, a bride who hired him for an amazing opportunity at one of the most prestigious palaces in the world, with such an uncaring, disrespectful and rude behaviour.


Wish I would have this before he runied my wedding as well.Now I can never get this special day back.

It is one day that can never be replaced.:sigh


Hi Claire,

Congratulations on your engagement and wedding in June. How exciting. I wish I could get married all over again : ). It was the best day of my life.

I know a photographer from national wedding elegance. Google them. They are brilliant. I wish I knew them before I went to Hugh Miller. They guy even wrote an article against SWPP which Hugh Miller belongs too, because they have members who are amateurs, probably like him who think there great. As long as they are paying to SWPP, they can be on there website. So please don't go with SWPP.

I am upset :( because some of my wedding photos Hugh took, have black spots on them and they can never be fixed because he didn't clean his lens. I told him this and he said he believed the photos are fine. I couldn't believe he is in so much denial. How can he not notice the mistakes he makes. Some of my photos are not even sharp, they are slightly blurry. I am so sad :cry. I showed them to a local photo company and they said they will do a reshoot for me for only 5 pounds per photo because they felt so sad for me. They said photographers like him make them feel so angry, as they don't want brides to be put off by wedding photographers, as there are good ones. We were just unfortunate.

Good luck with all your final preparations x


I just logged on for the first time since the New Year and was just pondering over reviews of suppliers for my wedding.

When I read your review, I was shocked and felt so sorry.

I would never imagine a photographer to forget to take a photograph of the bride and her father or any other photographs he missed. If a photographer treated me like that, I would be furious and I would make sure he fixed it. My heart goes out to your friend.....I am so very very sorry this happened to her. I don't know what I would do if I was in her shoes.

I would probably sue him ...............but I know its hard to do that especially when a wedding is such a blessed occasion.

I hope he realises that reviews and word of mouth are the most important thing in business, obviously he is clueless.

I am getting married in June :grin and I am halfway getting things done.I am looking for a photographer and I will make sure I don't pick Miller or allow any of my friends who are getting married to chose him.

to claireMatthewUK #725770

This all sounds rather fishy to me. I'd like to see examples of this work. Until I do, I take all these comments to be made by one person using different aliases!

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